Friday, May 16, 2008

Goddess of the Month: Diana

Diana, Goddess of the Wild and the animals whose feast is celebrated 26th-31st of May is the featured Goddess for this month, her high Feast is celebrated on August 13. Diana is known as one of the most elusive and feminist Goddess in the myths. She is known to transform men who see her bathing into a deer and then hunt them or set her hunting dogs at them.

Diana is said to be originally a hunting goddess associated with the wild animals and the woodlands. She later was known as a moon goddess taking over the mantle of Luna. She is known to be a symbol of chastity and the oak grooves are sacred to her worship. She was praised in poetry for her strength, athletic grace, distinct beauty and hunting skill. In practice she made up a trinity with two other Roman deities: Egeria the water nymph, her servant and assistant midwife; and Virbius, the woodland god. In her etymology, "Diana" is simply :"the Goddess", with a Greek parallel in the name — though not the cult practice — of Dione at Dodona. She was goddess of fertility and quick to anger. In the Lake Nemi also called Diana's Mirror, there is a sanctuary sacred to Diana in her aspect Diana Nemorensis or Diana of the Woods.

Diana is also mentioned in the book of Charles Leland entitled Aradia, the Gospel of Witches supposedly given to him by a witch named Maddalena in Italy. Diana is said to be the mother of the Goddess Aradia, the "la prima Strega" or the first Witch. Diana is said to be the protectress of her children, the Stregas.

Diana Artemis as she was called then has a great temple in Ephesus, Turkey. When the temple was in use, it was brightly painted and inlaid with stone. Most ancient Temples and statues we see as pristine white, were brightly colored and vibrant. The colors would have been similar as those found in Egyptian Art. They were usually painted to resemble giant lifelike beings.

It was in Ephesus that the Christian Church declared Mary to be the "God-bearer" in 431 C.E. This move was intended to legitimize Christianity in the eyes of the people of Asia Minor. Prior to 431 C.E. Mary was not recognized by the Christian Church.

Many of the Great Goddess' titles were taken and declared to be the titles of Mary, including; "Queen of Heaven", "Divine Virgin", "Mother of All". Ephesus was chosen for Mary's installation to add legitimacy to the church's claim that Mary, and not Diana was "the Mother of God", and the " Mother of All."

There are covens who follow the Dianic Tradition. Started by Z. Budapest who founded the Tradition,and used by her coven, Susan B. Anthony Coven. This coven is the first Feminist Coven who practices the worship of the Goddess as a whole unto itself.

Diana can be invoked into one's self to draw into yourself the power of the Great Goddess.

Evoko Diana Lucifera, Eko, Eko, EKo...

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