Saturday, May 17, 2008

Doting DOTA...

For the Frozen Throne...

The land of Azeroth has been ravaged by war. The forces of the Alliance struggled with the powerful army of the Burning Legion. May the gods watch us all...

The Defense of the Ancients popularly known as DotA was a game I was introduced to early. I believed I played this game while I was still in college probably 2003. We stayed in Project XXA1, a cafe owned by Donnie Ledesma from 8 to 9 PM until the wee hours of the morning when the cafe closes (around 2 AM). This game really hooked me up as it has characters which are very interesting to pilot and develop.

DotA has been and probably the source of a lot of failing grades...(well not me). It attracted a lot of people from all educational and financial backgrounds, status and age. Players can range from a student to an account executive to a bum and aging from 12 years old to forties. Clearly one of the best versus game there is when it comes to the game's playability as well as its strategy.

Of course I got my top five all time favorites in this game which I will enumerate...

5th Place: Leshrac, the Tormented Soul

Leshrac, a shadow of his former self serves the Frozen Throne and torments the living. The same specie as the gods of the Night Elves of Kalimdor, Leshrac turned his back on the forces of good. Weak physically yet magically adept, Leshrac is equipped with strong magic spells that could easily destroy stuctures, incapacitate opponents and destroy creeps. Diabolic Edict, creates explosive chrages that seeks out enemies, coupled with Lightning Storm that kills en masse. Split Earth delayes and damages enemies in the range and Pulse Nova destroys all creatures in its path. Leshrac the Tormented Soul is a force to be reckoned with.

4th Place: Malfurion Stormrage, the Prophet

Furion, the leader of the Night Elves of Kalimdor was the fourth character that I like to use. Honorable and Wise, he led the forces of the Sentinel to crush the Undead Scourge. Brother to Ilidan, the Fallen Furion and his lover Tyrande Whisperwind, a Priestess of the Moon rally against the power of the Frozen Throne. Furion is a range combatant that can be used as a hero killer or a support character depending on the weapons you purchased for him. He can be a pusher that can literally obliterate all who stands in his way. The Forces of Nature answers his call, as treants can be called from the wilds, he can be anywhere in the map with his Teleportation. He can summon trees to Sprout from an enemies feet and can call the Wrath of Nature to strike down his enemies and safeguard the land.

3rd Place: Krobelus, the Death Prophet

The wails of the undead echoes in the dark. Krobelus, the Death Prophet is a testimony of the undead's hold to the souls of the living. A Banshee which fortells the death of countless victims, Krobelus is also a force to be reckoned with in the rank of the Scourge's army. Given the power to control specters, Krobelus can send an eerie scream along with a Swarm of Carrion, clearing a path before her. Her mastery of Witchcraft allows her to boost her magics as well as her speed. She can also Silence her enemies, denying them with the use of their magic. She also has the power to summon the Specters and command them to drain the lifeforce of the enemies or destroy structures giving her all the drained life energies. Her cries indeed chill the living.

2nd Place: Dazzle the Shadow Priest

Dazzle, a once proud member of a Troll race created a part with Kel-Thuzad to save his own life giving in to the corruption of the Scourge. A corrupted priest who can poison as well as heal, who can strengthen as well as weaken. He is a master of Death as he can pull dead comrades out of the Shallow Graves that they are in. Dazzle uses his Priestly magic to heal allies and harm opponents along the way with his Shadow Wave. He can also Weave protection to constantly increase allies armor or constantly decrease enemies defense. He can slow down enemies using Poison Touch and can resurrect faster with little penalties. A great support character with a lot of abilities to make sure his comrades are alive in battle, Dazzle is one of my favorite characters in the game.

1st Place: Luna Moonfang, Moon Rider

The number one is Luna Moonfang. A Night Elf from Kalimdor, a sentinel with the power to draw the powers of Elune to her. Riding a black panther as her steed, Luna Moonfang punishes her enemies with Lucent Beams and the dreaded Eclipse. She rampages across the battlefield punishing the guilty. Using the powers of the Moon, Luna directs the Lucent Beam, the wrath of Elune to unsuspecting enemies with speed and accuracy. She can also hit multiple targets at the same time by the Moon Glaive and increase its damage by the Moon's Blessing. She can also rain down the force of Elune to her enemies by the power of the dreaded Eclipse. A very good character, Luna makes a lot of mony as well as deliver damage fast and accurate, one of the deadliest character in the game and the Blade of the Goddess.

Well these are the top five (5) Heroes I like the most, cunning and powerful and can kick ass. Who are your favorite character...check the Polls... and enjoy the game...See you in GG.

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