Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here comes the Bride's Planners

June is fast approaching and what would make a woman more happy than to walk the aisle this Wedding Month. Attributed to the Queen of the Roman Gods, Juno is the matron of weddings and of women and after her the wedding month of June was named .

are the happiest time in the life of a couple, and here in the Philippines weddings are very familial. That means the family is the one who assists the bride and the groom with all the preparation and the expenses for the wedding. But with this set-up, it also means that whoever helped you will have something to say in the wedding. From the guest list to the color motiff, the food, etc and sometimes this is more of a burden than of a help.

Right now, there are people who would actually be the one that's gonna organize things for you, worry for you and do things for you. These people are what we call wedding coordinators.

Here in Iloilo there is a company which will do all of your wedding preparations and more- Weddings by Portal Events and Productions would cater to your wedding needs from the venue, themes, food and other supplies.

This company is managed by Ms. Karen Grecia together with Ms. Maryann Darroca and feel free to contact them should you need assistance in your wedding.

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We will create for you…The perfect wedding you desire. Giving you the luxury of choosing the venue, the theme, music and colours of your dream wedding.

We will assist you… In creating a dream wedding that is within your budget by keeping you updated with your financial flow. You will be in the know where your money is going.

We will plan for you... Giving you the updates on your schedules so we can keep track on our accomplishments and our things to do.

We can give you extra savings by providing you the most affordable wedding essentials and more.

We will take your worries away and give you the peace and relaxation you deserve on your wedding day.

And lastly…

Need a bride or groom, we might be able to help…

Call us…

Portal Events & Productions
Event Coordinators

Address: Quezon St. Arevalo, Iloilo City 5000

Telefax: (033) 3383584



Karen Grecia

Ann Darroca

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