Saturday, May 17, 2008


Il mio amore' - My Love in Italian, this would best describe this person I have set my eyes on... Ive known this person for sometime now and our encounter is casual to the very least funny. We shared laughters over YM and text, though sometimes I couldn't reply because my provider would send me message saying check operator services.

Its been very confusing at times scary, investing in a relationship that may or may never last a few months but as the book and the movie "The Secret" says, its all about the Law of Attraction and the force of positive thinking. Ive been very worried and cautious most of the time about entering in a relationship. For me relationships are like holes in a boat that you haven't mended. You know that it is dangerous, yet you still ride on it and when the water starts to seep in, you grab a pail and start to throw the water out. Relationships are like that, you know that in the long run, you will only be drowned in the sea of sorrow, yet you chose to stay on it, look for little problems and sadness and grab a pail and toss it aside.

I am still hoping though, that this person would fill the space in my being. Well I know that this person is loving, very nice, very attractive and has an overall wonderful personality. I might be sure that this person is the one for me, but the question is does that person thinks the same as I do?

Another question popping in my mind is this, to a person who has got majority of the blessings and attributes given by God, will loyalty be compromised? For a person of this calibre to fall in love with me, a mere chicken in this derby-coliseum called earth, amidst all the grade-A cocks breded to attract attention, will I be enough to please?

When it comes to the question - "Do I like this person?" I couldn't think of any other answer except yes, yes I do and yes indeed. Who wouldn't like a fine specimen of a human being ready to be laminated should there be an exhibit of an earthling in other planets? Though I know I have a lot of competition, I believe deep in my guts that I do possess something that might entice this person in noticing me and loving me for that matter.

Well, as this person says- Let's take it slow, cherish the moments, savor the memories and indulge in the joys and happiness the encounter will bring...

You know who you are Il Mio Amore, whose name in Old English means a Manor's Friend or a friend of the Manor. A person whose lips, luscious enough to move statues just for a kiss, whose eyes is a mirror of joy, whose smile a beacon of strength, whose body spawns thoughts of ecstasy, whose mere presence sends a shock to my dark and putrid heart, reminding me that I am still a walking, talking and feeling piece of hollow flesh.

Know that even Fallen Angels Fall.... in Love with a bottle of Coke.
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