Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogs from Friendster...Poem

I created a Blog in but since I have a Blogspot account now, I will be transferring all my rantings in this page. Like this poem I wrote when I was bored and hurt in a very happy yet unsuccessful relationship, this poem is entitled...

When the Heart Sings Pain

In the Loneliness of the Night

as the Heavens cry

Tears fell to the ground like rain

When the Heart sings Pain

And thunder rolled atop the hills

in the eerie silence

Deaf ears hear hurt in vain

When the Heart sings Pain

And Lightning lit up the sky

in the Darkness tore

Thoughts kept the mind sane

When the Heart sings Pain

In the morning the sun still shine

after the dreaded storm

And the heartaches in time will wane

even after the Heart sang Pain

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