Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogs from Friendster- My 26th Birthday

Happy Hatchday to me!

Happy Hatchday to me... Its actually kinda hard to imagine that I have lived 25 years here in this cruel piece of floating space rock called Earth. And here I am, leaving my day to day activities and routines. Friday, January 5 I was with a friend from Manila named Andrew and we went to Coco Grille Bar to watch their comedy Fridays. I was asked to sing on stage and I chose the song of Gil entitled "Its your Love". I really appreciate the owner of the Bar Tito Mandy Salcedo, one of the best designers of the city for his greeting.

Around two o'clock in the morning, I simply decided to spend my birthday in Bacolod City with some friends. I slept the whole Saturday morning since there was no class in my Masters in San Ag. We left the house around 4 PM and we went to the port in Muelle Loney. We waited for another friend Angel, who was in a job orientation and made it to the last trip.

We arrived in Bacolod around 7Pm and we went directly to SM. After that I went to my old office in San Sebastian, NG Review and Training Center. We tried to look for a pension house that we can spend the night, but we got tired of looking. We went to Korean Bar Grille which was a place that I used to hang out when I worked in Bacolod 2 Years ago. I met up with Kristine, the owner and Mike the manager. After a little chat, we ate my favorite Tuna Sisig and drank their KGB Iced Tea. I was even given a complimentary 8-shot drink called Swampwater and a 10% discount coz its my birthday... :)

We stayed in the bar until 3Am, chatting and catching up with each other at the same time Tin is knowing Andrew and Angel as well. We left KGB, walk all up to Lasalle Ave, rode a taxi and asked the driver for a less expensive lodge to stay. He recommended Adams Lodge and the place was not that grand but still comfy. We slept around 4:30 and woke up 8AM. The good thing is, we only paid 300 pesos for the 5 hour stay.

We got a taxi who wud not use his meter and would just charge us 200 until the terminal to Mambukal. We threatened him that we will disembark and he was forced to use his taxi's meter. The fare was around 85 but he asked for a hundred. We went off in Libertad, just near the Bus terminal to Mambukal. We ate at Chinggay first and the breakfast was was only 26 pesos each, a great saving in our end. We rode the bus to Mambukal, a mountain resort with hot springs and the trip took us an hour. Fare is @35 pesos and the entrance to the resort is 30. We paid the entrance, entered the resort and went to the butterfly garden (paid 20 for the entrance). After that we just roamed around the resort, took pictures here and there, entered their Butterfly Garden and after an hour, we are on the bus again going to Bacolod. The time is 11:45 AM.

We arrived in Bacolod around 1 PM and we went to SM City to have Lunch. Since our finances are drained very fast, we looked for the best place to eat. We ended up in -guess what...the ever reliable Junies for a sizzling plate of burger steak.

After that I met up with Mami Emz, one of my Bestfriends in Bacolod. After we had coffee, we hurried to the wharf for the 3:45 trip back to Iloilo via Ocean Jet, however the trip was fully booked. We had to stay until 5:45 for the last trip as chance passengers number 18-Angel, 19- Me and 20- Drew. Luckily, we arrived in Iloilo safe and sound although I was soo disappointed with Andrew since its 8PM and he had to go to Miagao to be with his Girl Friend (what a lucky girl). I went home and had dinner with my family, checked my Magewar account, chatted, uploaded the pics and typing my blog.

The time is quarter to one , January 07, 2008.

Happy birthday to me!

Myke and Andrew


Andrew in Mambukal... standing in the hot spring

Angel in Mambukal... in the Lagoon

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