Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Iloilo Sinking...Literally!

The weather is gloomy when I left my house in Lapuz. I went to Jaro to Kafe Binalaybay just to visit friends and also to play DOTA. I kept a candle and an incense burning in my altar to halt the fall of rain which is quite effective (well, coupled with some evocation). I reached Jaro plaza and I was informed by the Manong Driver that jeepneys are not able to go to CPU area because of the flood. I checked the jeepney and it was high enough to withstand below the knee waters, but still the driver stopped in the plaza.

I walked towards CPU in a street called Lopez Jaena and I was shocked that the murke brown waters were actually above the knee. I continued on walking to the location of the Kafe and I was amazed how the water actually reached this deep. There were rapids and a lot of cascading little waterfalls in that long strip of what was formerly known as a street, now its just plain and simple puddle.

Iloilo City is indeed low since it is just on the sea level or even lower, however seeing your payslip every month with all those deductions on taxes makes you wonder where the hell are these taxes going? The city officials should focus on these matters at hand and not have their faces posted on other mundane and useless billboards around the city, 2010 is still two years away.

Let me tell you a story that happened in our humble place in Brgy. Don Esteban in Lapuz. Since Lapuz is a low area and we are literally surrounded with fish ponds, it is expected that the place will flood during rainy days. Five years ago, our place do not experience floods as it does now. There might be a little water outside our lot, going to the ponds but now, the water enters our home. We cemented our Kitchen and elevated our house but still water now enters the house especially during continuous rain fall.

The government should act on this right now and not spend their time on useless squabbling and debates. Act now for today and not on the advancement of your personal interests. You are public servants and not celebrities endorsing products. Please sort out your priorities and understand that Ilonggos are now intelliegent (or so it seems, if they are not acting stupid coz of your money) voters and we will make sure that you will be left swimming in the watering hole you allowed us to sink into.
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