Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Coming of the Rain...water

Its the second month of the second half of the year. Normally, this part of the year is very wet... Rain kisses the ground almost everyday, and typhoon visits the country just like a neighbor visiting for the latest gossip every morning, I am kinda bored again, same routinary activity bothers me nowadays.

The lessons are starting again, however the students are getting lazy again. The topics have been laid out to them, but again yoou cannot force someone to learn if they dont want it right?

Another thing about July is the flood. The city is indeed sinking because of the fact that the water level in the city of Iloilo is drastically rising covering the entire city from just a drizzle. In the late 80's to the early 90's, the city is still impervious to the flood water's embrace. We survived a lot of typhoons and rain for the entire week but the interior of our house would stay as dry as the palm of my hand. However, in the early 2000 the flood water entered our place and even our house and sadly that is still continuing right now.

With the taxes ( a lot ) being paid to the government, I hope they will do something about it. Citizens also need to be aware not to throw their garbage anywhere since these things clog the waterways and the drainage. In the end it will still be us who'll suffer the effects of our actions.

Just a Rant!

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