Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Beauty of Cabatuan...

I travel... a lot especially when my budget allows me to. I used to go to places that are normally visited by people, untouched paradise if you may say. The latest one that I have was a trip to Maasin, a municipality that is well known for their Bamboo products. I spent a night there in a place called Villa Benedicta, an inland resort with a big pool. I was with some friends and I really enjoyed the place.... Mag ingat sa Villa Benedicta???

Sunday morning. On my way back to the city, some of my friends and I side tripped to Cabatuan, Iloilo's gateway. Since the domestic airport has been relocated to this municipality, Cabatuan became a very attractive town. The streets are clean, they have wider roads and they have a rather unusual symbol in their plaza. A very big banana leaf.

Here are some pics...


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