Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Life of the Darkling

I am a Childe of the Dark, a Priest of the Goddess and the God, a Witch. In the Dark of the Night, I can be seen under the light of Luna, supplicating, dancing and chanting the songs of the gods. I stay and circle the fire as smoke rises and mouth ancient words that alter reality...until the morning comes...

During the day, well I'm just an ordinary person who is a lover of art. I am a seeker of knowledge that is why I read a lot of books that I can grab. I also write poetry and I do bum a lot... well until the classes haven't start yet.

I am a paranormal researcher and a writer. I am conducting researches regarding metaphysics and the occult and finding new fields in the study of the paranormal.

and this is my grimoire, my Blog.... welcome everyone!

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