Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PC Marathon

Its been a while since I had my PC checked. It was in perfect working jurassic condition since my computer is close to being an antique. 1.10GHZ with a 256 + 128 Mb of RAM. A surviving 8Gb and 2Gb HD and an ancient Motherboard and processor. Though under certain circumstance, I am very, very much appreciative of my precious. I get to connect to the internet using an erratic connection via SMART Bro, whose connection was going up and down like the prices of the fuel in the market.

This is the dilemma that I am facing now, so many things to do yet so little time. My PC would transfer a song from the PC to my N3230 in almost half an hour and that's just using a USB Cable but hey, a poor man cannot choose right?

I asked friends to help me find things to improve the situation and the performace level of that damn thing, how could I blog if both the PC and the internet connection would drag me down, right?

I wrote this blog at our office in ACLC-Iloilo, where the Flatscreen PCs' are partnered with the latest Hardware and software fitted for a computer school of such calibre...(if there's such a thing....) at least, my blog's got its first ranting in its 2 days of existing in the virtual plane.

I will be writing soon, about a lot of stuffs.... movie reviews, spells and potions, environmental issues, government and stupid politicians and a lot more...stay tuned people!
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