Friday, June 27, 2008

The Magick in the Metro

The Magick in Manila is very elusive. I dunno if people from Manila will agree to me but I really feel that the energies around the city is very stagnated at most sluggish. There are some areas in the metro that the energies are moving and I felt it in Nayong Pilipino.
I really dont know the reason behind the very slow movements of the energy of the lines. It might be possible that pollution affected it largely or the destruction of nature and the lines of power. Magick in Manila can be found in some places where nature is still intact.

On the sidetrack, I met alot of the famed practitioners in Manila most are pleasant, some are not. The first one on the list that I met was Ruel Ruiz. Ruel has been an acquiantance since 2003 during their Nginiiig days. I also met him in Cebu last 2006 when he spend time in the Queen City.

One of the people that I also met in Manila was Lady Dana of the Oracle Clan. Dana is a friend since early 2000 and we have been corresponding with each other though chat and calls. D as I fondly call her resides in Quezon City where she manages her shoppe La Luna Isis and her Spa- House of Ganga. D is a very good friend who I talked most of the time especially when I am bored. Thanks for the Lady Luck Oil that you gave.... I really used it...hehehehe!

I also met Majika Eclectica, a group aimed at reviving the ancient Tradition of the Babaylanes. This group practices the magick of the tribes of the isles before. Led by their Catalonas Ibo and Bathara, this group meets and performs their rites for the old gods. I was with the group in one of their celebrations and it was a very good experience meeting all of the kindred spirits. I knew this group before on the net, saw them on television and finally I really did meet them in person. The night was really magickal. Amidst the hard rain, I travelled all the way from Quezon City to Las PiƱas just to celebrate the Solstice with them.

Majika has really a long way to go, if they really want to revive the Old Traditions. Since my goal is also in lined with theirs, I will help them in achieving this goal.

When I met with ME, I also met Nap of Luntian whom I knew 7 years ago as well as Magnolia, priestess of Majika who was a friend that I haven't seen in seven years.

I also met Nikki in Trinoma. Nikki is also an acquiantance before, he was with Nginiiig as well and I met him in Cofi Bean in Trinoma the same time I watched Hulk with my bestfriend Jei and his gf. I regret though that I haven't got any pictures of Nikki and we haven't had much time to talk.

One of my goals in this lifetime is to gather those who are called in the Path of the Gods. I have dedicated myself in the study of Magick and the Traditions. This is the
reason I tried to contact everybody in the magickal community of Manila for a meeting, for us to discuss things pertaining to the Magickal community, its plans for the future and its growth. Though most of the people that I met were good some of them are really "wierd" at the very least. But then, still the Goddess will help me do my task and my always...for the Goddess!

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