Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Majestic Makati

I have been planning to go to Manila since before though I really don’t have the opportunity to do so. I was sent on training by my company to Makati, in the company’s training center. It was a very good experience.

Imagine staying in one of Makati’s premiere condotel, Prince Plaza II, a majestic structure in the heart of the busy metropolis. Located beside the city’s first class shopping
center area- Greenbelt, it is equipped with comfy mattresses, cable TV, hot and cold shower, and a free complimentary breakfast everyday. Though the room is priced at a whooping 2700++ per day.

Makati is indeed one of the richest city in the country. The buildings are towering and the shopping malls are very wide. The prices are also sky rocketing, a perfect place where pne can loose their thousands in one snap. Though if there is one thing I am thankful to Makati is the availability of the things I really liked: Bookstores, fancy restos, cool bars and outstanding view of the metropolis.

I never really liked the attitude of the Taxi Drivers here, but generally everything is kinda ok.

These are the 10 things I really like about Makati:

1. GreenBelt's Powerbooks- where I got a lot of good Bargains
2. Glorietta's Booksale- where there are a lot of nice books
3. Krispy Kreme in Paseo de Roxas- tastiest Donuts in the Planet
4. Landmark's Supermart- affordable groceries
5. Greenbelt Starbucks- Cozy place to drink your Coffee.
6. Gerry's Grill- Nice place to drink and dine.
7. The Ayala Museum- vault of our historical treasures.
8. Tokyo Tokyo- yummy food... Itidakimasu!!!
9. Ministop- an everything shop, every where!!!
10. Prince Plaza 2- my home away from home!!!

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