Friday, July 11, 2008

The Blade of the God

The Goddess, the embodiment of the feminine energy of creation is with us and all around us. As a Wiccan, She is the other half of God that would never be separated from Him. If the God is the hand, the Goddess is the mind.

The God and the Goddess is a dual force of creation, as I mentioned earlier the Goddess the mind, the God is the hand. They dance in a never ending swirl of energy that creates everything and is everything. The magick they weave is the All, and we are part of it. This balance of the God and Goddess is very essential since an imbalance of one will cause the imbalance of nature. One cannot exist without the other.

In my Faith, I am always attuned to the Goddess. So attuned that I forgot another essential part of my being, my Godself. I could say that I am not that "close" to the God. I could blame it to my upbringing as a Christian, where everything is guarded by a God that sits up high in the clouds. That would rain down fire to those who does not worship him, who would consume the world in waters, or would send angels to kill an entire nation.

That's the reason I still retained some of my fear to the God of the Jews. It made me distance away from him, even though I know that this Jewish God is not the same as the God I believe in. The God of the Witches, the Lord of the Hunt, the Lord of the Forest. The Lord I know is an embodiment of the hunt; strong, feral, fierce warrior and hunter. This God still resides in my higher self, the reflection of God in me.

Some friends would say that my attunement to the Goddess makes me more attuned to my feminine side, a truth which I admit am guilty. I feel the Goddess in everything I came in contact with, the wind, the rain, the trees and the fire. However, this makes me also very imbalanced, I never acknowledge the God in me- the Hunter, the Warrior-king, The Sage.

I got books on Male Spirituality- The Pagan Man by Isaac Bonewits and Wicca Spellcraft for Men by A.J. Drew. It made me realize that even though I am attuned to my Feminine Side and the God is overshadowed in my being, I neglected the side of me which is strong, assertive, and cunning. The God-self which I do not acknowledge most of the time, often made itself known during unexpected times. I know I am strong inside, that I can resist problems and bounce back, I am passive yet assertive when needed and I am cunning as the wolf in hunt.

I had a hard time to incorporate the God in my being, as the Goddess plays a major part in my existence, but I asked myself this. I maybe attuned to my feminine side, but that does not mean I am not a man. I may have feminine ways, but I am more than a man than anyone who says they're men. I may be dancing under the moon with the Goddess, but I am hunting with the God as well. I maybe a Goddess by mind, but I am always a God by being.

The Blade, the Crown, the Staff
for Janus, the two-faced God of New Beginnings...

At dawn, a trumpet echoes
from the forest, to the meadows
The blade has struck, the prey has fall
The God of the Hunt calls

At noon, the bells toll
from the valley to the city the sound rolls
The scepter readied, the crown calls
The God-King rules all

At Night, a lamp is lit
From the Caves, to the darkest pits
The Staff held, the robes fold
The Sage held the Wisdom of Old

photo from Encarta
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