Friday, July 11, 2008

Love of my Life

I fell in love, the first time that we met. That is the song that played in my mind when I saw you. I know that as a person, I wasn't expecting this kind of reaction from you. My entire being is still rained by insecurities which I am working on to eradicate.

I am listening to the music of Natalie Cole "Miss you like crazy". This song is not even significant to me but it made me realize that i do really miss you like crazy. I cant have more than enough of you. Though the truth is, we just met earlier.

My life was a chopseuy of emotions. A roller coaster ride full of love and heartaches. As a friend said, a Metro Rail Transit which goes a long way with people going in and out of your life. Some may caught your attention, some are worth forgetting. Until you came in to my life, everything changed...overnight.

I haven't done this kind of thing before. Being vocal to the person I love-yes but not to the entire public. Being proud and thankful that you changed my life and made me realized a lot of things. I realized that I am not the worst person in the world, that I am not as undesirable as I think I am, that I am sexy in the eyes of people. I realized that my heart can be opened to a better relationship, that I can be happy and in love, that it is better to have an inspiration and a shoulder to cry on. In other words, though this may sound too cheezy- you made my life better, complete, and satisfied.

For the past month we were together, I was amazed how a person like me could be happy and contented in just an hour that we are together. How time stops like in the commercial on Nescafe, when you hold my hand and hug me. Time is indeed relative, reality can be manipulated.

This feeling is very nice, the first time I felt this all my life that is why I still have some fears that this would end. Though I believe you would be angry if I keep on doing this since I would pester you all the time about this. I know deep in my heart that you love me too and this feeling is anchoring me to be strong and eliminate this bad things I'm thinking.

I always told you that I cannot give you forever, but I will give you a lifetime. I will give you not everything, but I would give my best. I really love you and I will be there for you... I love you!

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