Monday, July 7, 2008

My Favorite New Age Authors...

There have been a lot of Witchcraft/Wiccan books that were published as far as I can remember. A lot of them talks about important and educational topics, while others just plain scrap and mumbo jumbo. With the removal of the Witchcraft Act in England, there have been a lot of occult books published. Though the authenticity of these books are still questionable, the members of the magickal community accepted them as factual and used them as references to futher the study of magick.

There are a lot of authors known to the modern Pagan community. Some were notorious because of their senseless "masterpieces" and others are plain and simple...good!

I will be featuring my top three New Age or Occult writers which for me contributed a lot to the revival of the Old Ways. The first one that comes into mind when authors are mentioned especially in the States.

The Third best author for me is Chris Penczak, one of the more vocal authors in Wicca lore. Author of more then ten books already, Chris is one of the best authors in the Craft today. He has won a variety of awards from the Coalition of Visionary Retailers 2002 to 2004. One of his most famous book in Wicca is entitled City Magick which got the Best Magick Book of 2002.

The Second Author in my top three is Gerina Dunwich. A professional Astrologer, Occult Historian and a Paranormal Researcher, Gerina is a writer of more than a dozen books on the topics of the New Age and Wicca. She is a poet who is a member of the Fellowship of Isis, Pagan Poets Society and the Authors League of America. One of her more famous book on Witchcraft is Exploring Wtichcraft which I personally have a copy.

The best Craft author for me is Scott Cunningham, author of best-selling books like Wicca: A guid to Solitary Practitioners, Living Wicca and Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs which I have a copy. All his books are very, very informative and useful especially to solitaries. He is the best example of practicing Wicca in your own special and intimate way.

These are the authors that I really like and when I read their books, I really am learning a lot of stuff. There are a lot of authors coming in the market today, though some are very good as well, majority of them just copy and paste from various books.

Chris Penczak

Gerina Dunwich

Scott Cunningham

Photos of Authors from: Official Website of Chris Penczak, Gerina Dunwich and
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