Thursday, July 3, 2008

To Workout we will Go!!!

Taking care of my body is one of the tasks I was following vigorously when I was still in college. There was a time when I worked with Winner's Gym as a backstage manager/marketing staff as a part-time job. During this part-time stint , I also grabbed the opportunity given to me by my boss- a free workout in one of Iloilo's Class A Gym.

I followed a very strict routine during this 3 years of working out.
Two hours before or after I went out of school, I would spend this two hours in the gym. I also followed a strict no rice diet eating just boiled potatoes or kamote and boiled chicken without the skin. The workout gave me a very wonderful result, I lost about 10 kilos. I also felt great and confident flaunting my body whenever we go to the beach or to parties.

After I graduate and I started working, the gym was also a place for me to unwind. Sometimes I would go to the gym and workout as a means of getting rid of the stress from work. I stopped working out when I was assigned in Bacolod since Winners doesn't have a branch in the city, I looked for gyms near our office but the nearest gym is still about 10-15 minute ride. I returned to Iloilo wanting to go to the gym after six months of being idle.

My plans of going back to the gym was placed on hold again when I worked in Cebu as a call center agent. Since this is a very stressful work, I do nothing but work, eat and sleep and I really bloated since I always sit and sleep after eating. This made me very disappointed and I started on working out at home, but to no avail since I am very tired afetr work I always eat.

When I get back to Iloilo after a year and a half I planned on working out again, however my favorite gym closed and I really dont have the time to go to a gym that is out of my way. Hence my plans were placed again on halt.

After another year, I met a very wonderful person who is very attractive inside and out. This person walked with a very good sense of style and an outstanding physique. We talked and then this person suggested for us to hit the gym again. Luckily, there was a gym very accessible to us and we enrolled last sunday. I will be working out again and hopefully I will be back into my former form with this person's help. I will update the you through the blog about the developments, whether my six packs would finally show itself and shed the layers of fat. Hehehehehe!!!

Thanks again to you, for being my inspiration and strength. Love you!
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