Saturday, July 5, 2008

When I fall in Love...

As the song goes... when I fall in love, it would be forever.... I hope.

I have fallen in love too many times. Though this love that I experienced is just existing in my own reality since I loved those people secretly. I remember the first time I think I fell in love was in my grade six. I fell in love with a girl named Agnes B., long legged, long hair and very quiet. I was attracted to her because I think she has a lot to say but chose not to say it. Very deep and mysterious. Again, this feeling exist in my own reality since the school year ended and she was not able to know it.

The next thing I think I fell in love was in highschool. I had many crushes in High School from both the different color spectrum. The two people that I fell in love with was E and R. I really am confused during that time, who wouldn't be? After all I was just 13 years old when I was in second year in UP High School. Again this just happened in my mind, nobody knows about it.

Crushes and love interests come and go, all hidden in the deep recesses of my mind. I fell in love with a lot of people, from Venus, from Mars sometimes both at the same time. I fell in love with some of my friends, some of my best friends had invited them to my parlour, either by accident or by choice. Though they may have hints about what I really feel for them, this was not brought up, so I can still conclude that this is still hidden and unknown to all.

To cut the long story short, there were only a few people that I really fell deeply in love with. These people are so extra ordinary that their mere presence sends me to some far off planet making me inattentive and detached from the current prevailing reality. Let me tell their stories...

The first one was a a friend I met the first day I entered college. This person possesses one of the most angelic face that I ever seen....ever. Cute, very pleasant looking, a model material yet so innocent and gullible. I was introduced to this friend by another friend, and we clicked immediately. I was so attracted to this person that I would be there during lunch breaks and eat with them. I even went to their house and I always spends time with this friend. This person is very tactile, as shown to me every time. I received hugs, kisses and holding hands most of the time.

However, this with outside influences and vices, this friend became distant to me. I tried to reach out but I was totally ignored and at the end, we were still friend though we are not that close anymore.

The next one was also met by accident. I saw this friend in an internet cafe watching at students playing the PC. This friend studies at La Salle Bacolod and would really stand out in a crowd. Long wavy hair, alabaster skin, lean and very visually stimulating. This person caught my heart the first time we met. Though again my feelings were never revealed, I continued on watching over and caring for this friend.

A year passed and we completely lose our communication, I was in Cebu for a call center job and I dropped by Bacolod City before coming home for my mom's birthday. I called this friend around six in the evening saying that I am in town. My friend told me that it is already late at night and going out is not an option. I said okay, since I know that it is really late. I was so shocked to receive a text saying that my friend is outside the resto. I was so touched since I really did not expect that this person would come over. We spent the entire night chatting and talking and then the next day, I left.

I really loved this person, in fact I sacrificed a lot for him. This friend stayed with me in my house in Cebu for five months and this action from made me all "bubbly". I invited and took this friend wherever my team mates at work would go, our where our group activities would take us, my friend is always there. I confessed my love and I received it back as well. It was shown more in gestures and actions rather than in words. Holding Hands while sleeping, Hugging, kisses in the cheeks I really felt loved during that time. It was a very wonderful sensation. Disappointments came around when this friend went home, since again distance really acted as a hindrance, the communication between us went from cold to sour and it really hurt much.

Finally, another one came in after a year of being loveless and again this meeting was also accidental. This accidental meeting was sponsored by friendster where I read this person's profile sent an email and voila, a reply. I constantly send emails and friendster messages and then one day we met and I instantly fell in love with the angel in front of me. Chinky eyes, slender frame and a very nice and sincere smile. I was hooked instantly and without hesitation I professed my love and luckily I received a very nice reply.... YES. Now we are constantly adjusting to each other's behavior and personality and as the one older than my partner, I make sure that my love is very comfortable in what ever arrangement that we discussed. I am very happy to be with my angel and I hope that this relationship, though may not last forever can at least last a life time...
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