Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Other Life: After 13 years in the Path of the Goddess

I have been an all around individual, a jack-of-all-trade you might add. This is evident since I was able to do stuff that other people cannot, I didn't say that these things are really exceptional but I have a talent in most (again MOST) of the known fields.

I know I have a lot of talent, especially in the arts. I was also a football player before my leg cracked, I am a poet, I draw, I paint, I write articles, I dance, I'm a choir member, I am into photography, I do theatre, and some other form of arts. This was also evident in my choice of jobs that I did: I was a marketing assistant, a backstage manager, an assistant director for shows, events organizer, a production assistant, Human Resource Personnel, a Call Center Sales Agent, a Teacher, a Banker, a Volunteer, etc.

However there is a part of me that has been consistent all these years. I am a Witch.

Magick has been an integral part of my life since before. My childhood is magickal and I have experienced a lot of unexpected things. I started to be drawn into the unknown when I was in Grade 3, I was seven then when I saw little people wearing these brightly colored "pajamas" and hats. It happened at the back of one of our classrooms near the big, old mango tree. This fascination continued and during the timegap between my elementary to my highschool years, I have done stuffs that were considered magickal.

I was a sophomore in UP High School in Iloilo when I went into the study of magick. Magick itself fascinated me even before my fascination of psychism came. i was thirteen years old and the year is 1995. I stumbled upon the books by Time Life in the library, and I immediately devoured all the information in those books. I then created my first Book of Shadows, a simple notebook which I removed the cover and created a new cover made of a piece of cardboard. I sew the sides with brown yarn and reinforced it with pieces of wire. This book was my companion since then and after I fill it up, another grimoire was born, then another, then another. After 13 years, the mother book is still with me.

1997, I was 15 and a freshman student in the University of the Philippines. Internet was famous already among us youngsters, that was the time when I expanded my study in magick. I dedicated my life in the Path of the Wise and formed the Circle of the Black Moon, our coven it was 1999. September 21, Mabon of 2000, we formed Ordo Intra Circularis and it has been a support group and a santuary of those who study magick here in Iloilo. After that, The Arcanum, formed in 2005, Cabal Signum Mysteria was formed in Cebu last 2006 and finally I ushered the formation of PSI: The Paranormal Society of Iloilo, Litha of 2007.

I have been a part of the magickal history of the Philippines, where we aim up to now the continuation of the advancement of the study of the Occult here in the country. After thirteen years in the Craft, I have learned a lot, seen a lot, and improved a lot. This is not the end of my journey but rather the continuation of several lifelong expeditions. I would also like to thank everyone for the support and inspiration...
Ordo Intra Circularis, my Brethens and Inspiration:

Lady Malandraj, Adepta Prima
Lady Freyalese Ethala, Adepta
Uriel Ignis Dominus, Adeptus
Lady Celeste, Discipulus
Lady Damienne Cidbrid, Magister Ludi
Lord Croix, Magister Ludi

The Arcanum

Praetor Neo
Prof. Snivelus
Madamme Dulce Cuna
Lady Dana
Lady Pixie Serrano
Order of the Mystic Arts
Ate Joy

and other Walkers with me:

Lady Castien
Kuya Rene
Ingkong Nap
Giovanna, Strega of Italy

My Magickal Family

Tita Tidy
Tatay Francis
Nong Gil

to all Ive forgotten, the Old inspiration and the new friends I just met, the Tribu Majicka Eclectica, the members of the PSI, Praetor Jagatmitra. The Lady of the Crossroads, of the Cauldron and the Lord of the Threshold and the Lord of the Hunt.

Thank you very much,

In Beneficium pro Scientia,

Felyx Wolfsbane Serpentmoon, Adeptus Primus
Arcessitor, Ordo Intra Circularis
Rector Interius, Paranormal Society of Iloilo
Mystae, Circle of the Black Moon/Cabal Signum Mysteria
Minstrel of The Arcanum

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