Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ignis, one of the Primal Force of Nature. An element both beneficial and malevolent and known to be the uncontrollable one. A mover of life as well, since no life may exist without heat and fire.

Mysterium Magazine, the premier online Occult publication in the Philippines and is authored by some of the active players in the Philippine Occult scene. This magazine is supported by some of the known groups like the Magi Order of Bacolod, the Cebu Paranormal Society, Ordo Intra Circularis of Iloilo, the Syn-Magick of Tacloban, together under the banner of the Arcanum.

This magazine was created through the effort of Praetor Neo of Bacolod City and one of the pillars of The Arcanum. It aims on educating people and giving them information regarding the Occult and Magick. It discusses a lot of topics in Esoterica, Magick and other Occult Philosophy.

Personally, I knew and met a lot of people behind this publication. I have submitted and wrote for this magazine for sometime as well, however I was not able to submit an article for the Fire Issue. I will try to pass an article if it could still catch-up since my PC is not okay, I may be able to finish it by tomorrow.

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The Arcanum: Veneficium, Honestas, Beneficium, Unitas Apprime!!!
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