Thursday, August 7, 2008


It has been a while since I have written here. The status of my PC and the hectic schedule at work caused the neglect of my blog. Things has just been very annoying lately, my boss who've been in my nerves really failed to motivate me, thus causing a very favorable atmosphere in my workplace.

Regarding the thing that's been happening in my life, everything is getting worst and worst everytime. Though I really am not loosing hope that tomorrow would be a better day for most of us, it has been very difficult to be positive in this gloomy time.

Sometimes, I could say that I really forget how to love. Loving for me is giving part of yourself to the person you cherish the most. Since my love affairs been topsy-turvy most of the time, me being optimistic still believes that love will come. Probably not now, but in the near future.

How I am jealous with the person next to me, a boy good looking at that crept behind him and covered his eyes, not in a sensual way however, displaying my much coveted loving way.

I was thinking of the job I have right now. Many people would say that this is a very good job, I would agree on that especially the people around me are very nice though not afrontly helpful, i am enjoying every minute of it. Though there are hardships, it is manageable.... the quota on the otherhand is a different story.

I am thinking of leaving this job again and be contented to be a professor in a college and share my knowledge to the world.

Lastly, my PC's unconscious now, that is why I need to go out and surf the net in a cafe, which has slow PC's, ineffective attendants, slow internet connection at a very costly price. I miss my vintage PC.

Till then folks! See you when my PC is resuscitated. Domo- Arigato Gozaimasu!!!
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