Friday, December 5, 2008


I have known the Artist Babak Niaraki for quite some time. The memory that I have with him is during our Sine Ilonggo days, where he was one of the guys who attended the Film Workshop. Babak is a good friend always ready to greet you when you meet each other on the street. He had some crazy ideas about his films, his art and his passion.

Last Wednesday, December 3, 2008 I was busy munching my lunch near the academy where I am working when I saw Bob with his friend. He informed me that he has an exhibit in Crave, a new Steak house opened in Smallville. I was wondering what kind of artsy stuff is Bob gonna show again and he told me that it was a Photo Exhibit and a Nude one at that.

Fast Forward, Thursday Night... I received a text from Marz, "ang akong Iloi" asking me to attend the exhibit. I told him I already received an invitation from the Artist himself and I wondered what the hell is this all about. I am a supporter of the talented Artists of Iloilo in my own way and I really do not know what to expect in the upcoming showcase of art.

Cum Friday, I went fast in my class shoving 13 pages of Anthropology lessons (Times New Roman, Font 11) to my poor students brains. By around 6 pm I was done and since it was Heaven's schedule to mourn for our dying economy, it rained that night.

I hitched a ride with Miss Christia to Crave and I arrived there a little
early. All the artworks are still covered in black cloth. I saw a lot of people in the artists' circle, Gino and Netty his girlfriend/wife, Bob and his wife, Kitz (where I gave him a wedding congratulation almost 2 years late), Bob's mom, Rio and Lester (the Dynamic Duo), Sir Jigger Latoza of Invictus, Kathy Villalon and Ramon of TNT, Raymund and Tara Yap of Guardian, Yannie (our batchmate in Sine I) whois now a fine arts teach of San Ag, Kevin Piamonte who is one of the models for the exhibit, Sam Prudente of Sine I, Oscar Nava of Crave, Anya, our on and off member of OIC, and some friends that I do not remember the names but I certainly remember the faces. Marz was there ofcourse and he told me that he was also one of the members of the "nudist" being immortalized in canvas.

We waited for some guests to arrive and while I did that I was busy on munching on the delish meals served. There was chili con carne, a lasagniaish dish with mushroom which was very good, roasted chicken and alium cepa rings, and beef thingy with rosemary on top... all very healthy and mouthwatering... I had my fair share and my tummy was grumbling with satisfaction.

When the time to unveil the works arrived. I was also excited as the crowd and the artworks artwork were revealed before my eyes. It was one of a kind, the use of black and white was very good that it gave the artwork a "classic" feel. And of course, right before my eyes I saw Marz in all his naked and revealing glory... (note to self: chant a supplication to the God of Dreams Somnius for a good night sleep...hehehehehe).

To end the day, I had a wonderful time talking to some people I just met. I hope I created friends out of this chance encounter and maybe more.... Not Black/ Not White will be exhibited in Crave from December 5-December 21st, 2008... Come and Visit the exhibit to see one of a kind visual treat- a mixture of White and Black, symmetric contortions and a dash of Artistic (Owww...) Nudity on top.


The Artworks
Marz and his Nudist Rendition of the classic artwork... "Eeew, may Tanga sa Tiil ko..."
Netty in a "Wag po kuyah!" Pose.
Marz and Netty
Marz, Sam and Me... Smile, Smiling, Smilingest...
Marz and ze Artiste- Babak Niaraki in a Mr. Pogi "Chhhkkk..." Pose.
Anyanka and Myke
Sultry hunk- Candy Jamie
Gino with his Diarrhea-ish rendition of "Say Wha...?"
Myke and Marz... Melts in your mouth not in your hand...
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