Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Of Handsome Vamps

I watched Twilight the movie with Celeste last saturday, it was a blast. I read the story a few months before and the sotry was very good. Though not your regular vamps in the folklore and other fictional materials, Stephenie Meyer's are shinier characters. They still have the basic abilities, invulnerability to extreme temperature, strength, speed, ethereal beauty and grace and immortality.

I am always facinated with the Vampire Lore and I could claim to have a Masters Degree in Vampiric studies if needed be. However, I observed that these vampiric information vary from location to location as well as author to author. Vampires generally are afraid of the sun since this is one of the bane of their existence, they combust under the direct heat of the sun. Different however are the Meyer vampires. While others burst to flame when hit by the sun, Edward and the others merely "shine".

Garlic, Stakes and Crosses are also vampire banes, as seen in the more classical and traditional vampire movies like Bram Stroker's Dracula, Bad Boys and even in the series Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the Anne Rice world however the only true vampire killer would be the sun and fire, though in some instance these also fails in the face of a very old Vampire like the Children of the Millenia.

Vampires they say are extrememly attractive and they draw you into them. Every movement they make seems like a dance, every word they speak sounds like a lullaby to unsuspecting mortals. In some literature, vampires do not appear in mirrors but some do, some turns to mist or wolf but some do not. Technically, the vampire lore and characteristics vary and changes depending on the writer's discretion.
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