Friday, December 26, 2008

Shining Pototan

One of the mark of the Season of Christmas are the lights that are abundantly hanged almost everywhere, however with the high Patay Electric Company charges (14 pesos/KwH-one of the highest in the country) here in Iloilo people are not really very enthusiastic in lighting lights in their houses. Unlike outside the city, where electric cooperatives are the one selling electricity at a lower price you could see people take time and effort to really decorate their houses with shimmering lights.

Last December 22, we visited the municipality of Pototan. Labelled as the Christmas capital of the Visayas, it boasts of the well decorated plaza with fairs, rides and other goodies. They even have a "Kubota Tractor" train the cruises around the plaza at 10 pesos per least you get to get a brochure.

There are a lot of stalls that sell gift items and garments at a lower price compared to the one here in the city. They also have my all-time favorite "puto bungbong" cooked straight from the bamboo tube.

Together with Tita Debbie, Tito Alex, Karen,
Happy, Magic and Ali and friends we took time to go around the municipality of Pototan...
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