Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Biggest Wolf Moon

The biggest moon for this year was the Full Moon this January. Also called the Wolfmoon, the January Esbat was called that since the wolf's howls can be heard across the villages from the mountains.

This Wolfmoon as they've said is the biggest fullmoon in the year since this is the time when the Moon is its nearest position to Earth. During the Esbats, I would normally light a candle for the Gods and I would also do a moon bath.

Aside from honoring Hekate in the crossroads and Janus at the threshold. I would also leave a bowl of rice under the moon, some incense, a candle and other herbs for offering.

I would also use rock salt, bay leaves, vervain leaves, jasmine and rose flowers, lemon in the water that I will use for bathing. I will leave it under the light of the fullmoon while stirring it clockwise and programming it with the attributes or magick that I want to do this night like healing, protection, blessing, cleansing and the likes.

I would also stay under the moon absorbing all the energy I need...

" O Hail Fair Moon, Ruler of Night, Guard me and mine all day and night!"
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