Thursday, January 22, 2009

Confusion and a Bowl of Batchoy...

I have reached a part of my life again where opportunities present themselves. I always say I am in control of my destination, though sometimes I think I never really exerted a lot of effort to control where my life would go.

I am satisfied with my job as a part time tutor for Koreans. My students are great people and I even decided to go full time. However, there are some problems regarding my Afternoon Job, where my boss asks me for a result when he does not give me any budget for marketing. If Coke and Jollibee, giants on their own spends a lot of money...say millions of pesos for Marketing and Advertisement, why would a starting School never heard before won't spend thousands to start the machinery running.

I mean, I never really asked for too much, frankly speaking I hardly ever held money in my pocket from this boss (3x @ 100Pesos each LIQUIDATED). I just want him to support me in every marketing plan I submit, give me feedback and of course provide the money to spend in the ads.

Right now, my old company's Education Coordinator messaged me and she was encouraging me to apply for HR. HR Supervisor is a great job, but I still have a lot to learn especially in the payroll department. I am a recruitment person doing interviews, trainings, job fairs, examinations and I never get to do the payroll since before. Things can be learned though, however being generous is one of the hardest thing to assimilate.

January 22, 2009 Ilonganons are trying their best to be in the Guiness Book of World Records by making the worlds largest bowl of Batchoy, the Filipino Ramen. One of the most famous food in the country, it originated from La Paz District here in Iloilo. It is said to be invented by a certain Federico Guillergan (not sure with the first name) or Deco Guillergan in 1938 (more or less). It was said that he tried to do some experiment with the soup and voila, World famous Deco's Lapaz Batchoy...

Batchoyis a Filipino food, anywhere you go around the country you will see a lot of signs saying "Original La Paz Batchoy" though some of these imitations do not even know where Lapaz is. Batchoy's flavor comes from the bones of the cow boiled for sooo many hours to make the broth, then Miki (Pancit), Miswa and Bijon are also used. Add pork strips, pork or beef liver, innards, a dask of deep fried garlic, a sprinkle of spring onions, Chicharon and a teaspoon of death inviting, cancer starting Monosodium Glutamate (Ajinomoto in layman's term) and "TWANG" you got a delicious bowl of Batchoy.

Now what is the connection of Batchoy and my sentiments? Well for once, Ilonggos will try to make it big and to be listed in the Guiness Book of World Records... me? Im looking for the best job that will suit me.

Second? They all hope to be listed even though under the Book's Batchoy Category, they are the only one so there is no contest, so they entered it as the world's largest bowl of I am as optimistic as they are since I really look for a way even though it seems hopeless and imposible.

Lastly, this bowl of batchoy was fed to street children after it's set goal was I think after I get the perfect job for me, that is the time that I will help me needy cousins and siblings so that everybody will be happy... and burping!

pic from the Inquirer... Thanks Manong Nestor Burgos...
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