Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Korean Food Feast

Last time, we ate at Kim's Bob. I was planning to eat a value meal lower than 100 pesos but it was decided that we will have a Sam Gyup Sal. Fankly speaking, I was really intrigued what Sam Gyup Sal is. I heard it alot of times from my Korean Students and in Kim's Bob it was only 800 pesos-free Kimchi Soup and unlimited side dish- Kimchi, Kimchi, Kimchi!!!

We went to Kim's Bob- Karen, Raymund, Mayflor, Adz and meeh... we ordered the big Sam Gyup Sal... it was made of sliced pork, lettuce, garlic, onion, sauce, and sesame oil with seeds. Here's how to cook it...

They rub a piece of pork in the skittle for the oil, put the onion and garlic at the sides and fry the pork at the center. You could also fry the Kimchi together with the pork.

How to Eat it the Korean way....

Get a lettuce leaf, put rice, pork, kimchi, sauce, and wrap it all together and put the entire thing in your mouth.... however I just knew this since I bit it in half when I ate last time. Too Pinoy!

Kimchi is very nice however, radish or petchay or chinese petchay put in salty water with a spicy sauce I still do not know.... I ate 6 saucers...

Korean food is very healthy, and very appetizing... as the Japanese peeps say...Itidakimasu!!!
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