Monday, February 9, 2009

The February Esbat- Chill Moon

"O Hail Fair Moon, Ruler of Night...Guard me and mine until the Light" - Wiccan Chant

The Moon is full again, this night the tides of magick is at its peak hence the powers of the Goddess is at the full. The moon, long been associated to the mysteries and the forces of the magick and the feminine cycles is now at its peak again.

The month of February's full moon is called the Snow Moon since this is the month that Snow is the heaviest in snow countries. Since the Snow Moon is between the Festival of Imbolc, the feast of the Flame and Ostara or the Vernal Equinox, it is said that this time the earth is preparing to spread fertility. The seeds under layers of snow are preparing to shoot back up and out the freezing barren earth.

In the Philippines however, there is no snow so I would call this full moon as Chill Moon since this is the time where the creeping chill of the wind kisses everyone on the cheek.

Still, the moon's majesty captivates me everytime I look at the Goddess' face. It still stimulates the flow of power in my body. I will post the pictures of my Chill Moon Ritual later, if I am able to capture it on my CP Camera.

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