Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is this True???

I got this pic from my friend's CP camera. She said that this was forwarded by a friend and it was taken during Dusk. I know that Manananggal exist because I have heard about their existence around the country. There have been reports that they have become very aggressive and would show themselves in the public's eye often.

Manananggals are preternatural creatures and they appear as normal people during the day. It is said that upon the arrival of night, they would put oil around their body and their bodies will split and they would sprout wings. They would hide their lower half in places that are secluded to protect it. If the lower half will exposed and somebody will put a mixture of salt and ash, they cannot reconnect. if they cannot reconnect and the sun will hit them they will burst to flame.

Check out this picture...

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