Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Joy of the Rain...

Lately, rain is pouring almost everyday. Not that I am complaining but I really love the crisp fresh smell of the atmosphere when the changes in the air happens with the coming of the rain. The rhythm of the pattering of the raindrops on the roof as well as the beat that it crates as they hit the asphalt road.

I have been contemplating on the things that is happening in my life lately. I have a wonderful job, a lot of special friends who I love and loves me back. I also have enemies which makes my life harder ( and I forgive them! :) and I dont mind. I enjoy the things that I do, frankly speaking I am in love with the teaching job I have right now. However there are still things missing in my simple existence.

How can one be boring yet is not? How can one be sad, if you are happy.... the probability of being sad on the inside while laughing on the outside. The feeling of treading in two worlds while confined in one body... very hard.

I hope this will change soon... I just need to find the things I really wanna do and achieve. Or probably this search could wait until my siblings are done studying.... but I also hope I still have time.
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