Sunday, June 28, 2009

Litha and Midsummer

Litha is Midsummer. The time when the sun is at its strongest. In Witchcraft and other Pagan Traditions, it is the time when the God reaches manhood and its power is at the highest. As witches we normally celebrate it with a ritual that would start High Noon of June 21st until the Midsummer's Eve.

Last June 21st, I celebrated the Midsummer alone. In my room, I prepared the ritual which consists most of healing and protection. I also did a sickness banishing spell, to banish the most pressing concerns of our community which is health.

We celebrated also the 2nd year anniversary of the Paranormal Society of Iloilo (PSyI). I hope that we could still continue our activities and mission....

That's all...
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