Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pagan Pride!!!

I'm a Pagan and am dang proud of it! Lately there are "Witches" that have been doing some stuff that is worth noticing. When I say worth noticing, I mean to observe them because of the stupid things they really do- Spirit Conjuration, Weather manipulation and demonic summoning when they should be doing their researches on the uses of herbs and stones. These kids, usually within 16-19 years old do things that they saw on some books, TV or other spells they stumbled upon. They often do this as well without supervision and guidance.... and the very fact that in the first place this shouldn't be done at all.

Being a Witch takes time- careful study, a solid Faith, and the instinct to learn things. I have been studying the Craft since I was 13 years old. It took me a lot of sweat and blood to study the basics of the practice from the mythology, the belief, foundation of the spells, the reason behind the operation of things, correspondences, symbology, omens and portents etc...etc... I heard lately that there are some kids- teens who are practicing or doing spells after a week of study or a chapter of a witch book that they read. Doing spells without repercussions and wisdom could really give you some ill results, especially if it is unplanned, unpracticed and inexperienced.

Being a Pagan is something that you must be proud of. However its not an easy job. It takes years and years of practice and hardwork. There are no shortcuts... even if you are a prodigy or reallygifted by spirit or blood... you still need to do the entire thing slowly and very surely.


The Dance of the Hours
by Gaetano Previati
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