Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Journey to the Veil... In Memory of Winton Lou Ynion 1981-2009

Doing the catwalk just outside of the I-Pula room, with a pink fan and a shrill voice he would walk like a beauty queen...back and forth. I watched in amazement as this young guy solicit laughs from his classmates and would bow to the applause of the crowd.

Nong Winton as we called him before was a year my senior in UP High School. He was a bubbly character that would really call attention whenever he will pass by our room. That's the Manong Winton I knew and I remembered.

Its been a long time that I haven't heard a thing about Winton, the last time I saw something written about him is a streamer outside a university here in Iloilo City congratulating him about an achievement he did.

I heard from a friend that he won the Palanca Award. His writing prowess was known throughout the country as he collected citations and awards for his writing abilities.

It is now twelve years since I graduated UP High School, fifteen years since I last saw him. I heard on the radio that there was an Ilonggo living in Quezon City that was stabbed inside his apartment. It never occurred to me that it was Winton. I just heard the news that night when a friend from UP High informed me that it was indeed Winton who was stabbed and tied and killed inside the security of his house.

This bothered me very much since the crime happened inside the house and in a brutal way. If this is a robbery as the police said, then what is the reason why he was treated that way- butchered! There were also speculations that this was the serial killer who kills "gay men", if that is the case then the police should do something to solve this crime-fast.

I'm never really very close to Winton, all I remembered was the greeting "HI, Manong Winton!!!" that I used to say to him in highschool. I never knew his family, his friends, college classmates, boyfriends, lovers, exes or even the name of his pet if he has one. I don't have anything to say now that he is gone. I can't say that he was a good son, a good friend, a faithful partner just like his close friends would say. All I can say to the world about him is - JUSTICE for WINTON LOU YNION!!!

Rest in Peace Manong Winton... May the Gods carry you to the world beyond the Veil safely... Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!!!

The Rainbow Colored Parrot Squawked no More
by:Myke Parcia Pinto

Laced fan in your hand, swishing
You Slap your face with your breath
Giggling your signature laugh
while posing like a teapot

Walking back and forth, swaying
under the shadow of the kalachuchi tree
striding like a cat on the wall
head tall like the beauty queens on TV

Hair parted in the middle, gelled
wearing an oversized polo with the UP badge
you were a teacher's favorite
these are my memories of you

You are a parrot, a talker
showing your multicolored feathers proudly
Vocal with your feelings
you wrote with your soul

The Free Spirit, tied
mercilessly butchered and its breath taken
and After two decades and eight
The rainbow parrot
squawked no more
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