Wednesday, September 9, 2009

An Ode to Iloilo City

I'm leaving Iloilo City again. I have been in Iloilo all my life and I have stayed in Cebu and Bacolod for quite some time as well. Being in Iloilo is quite OK, I mean I have my parent's house here, food is quite cheap and you can be anywhere in the city within 15 minutes.

Uloilo is quite boring nowadays. I came back from Cebu two years ago and I have worked here in the city since then. However, right now since alot of my friends moved to Manila the city is becoming boring and boring.

I will fly to Davao for a job on the 18th of September. I hope the
city is as exciting as people told me it will be. Still, Iloilo ang banwa ko...

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