Monday, October 26, 2009

Bane, what's with the name???

Since I was young, sad to say I really don't like my name. It sounds simple and common that I am expecting to see an NBI Clearance a month after I applied for it since there are just too many hits. When I assumed my Craft name, I was happy since in this way, I was able to get away from the name that my grandmother gave me.

Michael means "He who is like God" from the rhetorical question "Who is like God?" implying that there is no one like God. This name came from the bible of course, from the Archangel Michael leader of the Heavenly army and Patron of the Warriors.

Now why Cael?

This is just a shortened version of the name my Grandmum called me which is Mikha'el... she uses the German pronunciation of the word.

Since my name is so common as it is a derivation of a lot of names in the world- Mike, Mikhal, Mikhail, Miguel, etc. I want it to be different...thus Cael...which in Irish means slender...

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