Friday, October 23, 2009

Faeries Crossing

Weird dreams have been plaguing my mind lately, some are meant to be forgotten but others stick to your mind that you could still recall them moments after you wake up. Others are retained even to the entire duration of the day. Lately, I was informed by friends that there are people who are pulled to the dreamscape often and were presented by dreams too weird that we can't give explanation to them and accept them as what they are.

I had one of these weird dream episodes last night. The first dream that I had, the scene was in some island near the sea, where I was with a guy friend (who among them, I don't know) and there was an elemental hunting us, the dream was not clear but I remembered riding a boat and jumping into the water and swimming to the safety of the shore.

The next dream that I have was with a girl friend (I knew that I know her, but I can't remember again who) and we were walking along a forest path. There we saw faeries four or five of them. I told her that silver can protect her from them (and I know that Iron can, but silver...I don't know) she told me she has a silver ring given to her by her mom or boyfriend (again, I can't recall). I told her it was not silver then she told me she has a silver necklace but then, I saw that it was a fake silver. The faeries saw us and then attacked us (they are elves-tamawo in our language which makes them human like- size, features and all) then there was an old man with a staff who appeared before us and warded them off. He burned one of them who looks like the leader (all of them are women) and she was incinerated and the others scattered. The old man took a silver necklace from the faerie (ironic because I told the girl silver would protect her) and gave it to the girl. He told us to go on our way and I looked at the Path and saw weird symbols, gylph that are colored purple (light reddish, purple) and the old man was doing something to it (retracing or erasing it...I can't distinguish but I think he was retracing it to keep them in) he asked me if I know the person who laid the glyphs, I said I don't know and he said that the symbols are very old. I had this realization that the place was Davao...and i really don't know why... maybe because I am in this place now.

We continued to walk in the path and the girl wore the necklace. We passed by a house that was just ordinary, single story, wood and cement, bamboo fences- but there was a guy there that was standing by the bamboo tree and suddenly he sniffed the air and went after us. I told the girl to remove the necklace given by the old man and then reality shifted and we were in the real world. i don't know how I could go back and forth in the Other world but I can still see the guy standing near us sniffing but he was unable to see us. The girl then wrapped around the necklace on her left hand and it coiled and burrow through her palm. We walked out the road (it is in the real world now, not the forested path anymore) and we saw jeepneys passing on the main road.

I really don't know what these dreams are but it gives me a strange feeling that there is something going on in the Other realm. I do not know if it is a war or a battle against other Faeries or them against us since a lot of them have been crossing over by using the break in the Barrier and we don't know where these passageways are. Maybe sooner or later the Other Realm will overlap on the Real World...who knows.

**Picture taken from a watercolor painting called Elves Chasm, depicting the elves chasm in the Grand canyon National Park...a Passageway maybe?

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