Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Simple Samhain...

October 31st, the highest Sabbat of Witches and Pagans alike. The All Hallows eve or called Samhain is the celebration of the final harvest. It is the final transition of the world, from a fruitful and bountiful Autumn to a cold and frozen Winter. For Witches, this is the time where the realm of the spirits overlaps our reality, especially in some places that the Veil between the Worlds is relatively thin, the spirits of the dead and faeries alike are free to meet up with the mortals on this very special eve.

Magick is known to be very powerful on this sacred eve, that is why rituals and spells are done this night. A lot of Filipino pagans would either head to the mountains or beaches to celebrate the Hallows Eve.

The burden of transferring to another place is the fact that you wont be able to move everything from your old home to the new location. This is the problem that I faced since I moved to Davao. Most of my books,my tools, my robes are not with me. It's also hard to celebrate the Sabbat without a circle since this feast is usually celebrated outside the house and under the light of the silver moon. Since we are witches, we then would improvise things and since I have a lot of things that I cannot do and gather here in Davao, I celebrated the Sabbat alone in my room, skyclad.

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