Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Boring Month

January is supposed to be a very good month for me. First it is my birthday month (and that does not make me very happy) next it is the start of the new year, hence a sacred month for my Patron Deity-Janus.

I am quite enjoying my job, except for some people that I do not really like (they're almost everywhere). In my job; the environment is really great, the pay and incentives are quite fine, the schedule is okay even though it changes as often as i can remember. The consolation though is training. If I handle a training class, it really fulfills my desire as a teacher, even it is just that simple.

January just passed and I feel that my spiritual practice here is so lame. I haven't even done any major rituals since I'm either beat or just do not have the time. The magickal community of Davao is very silent-or it is just because I am oblivious to it.

My new year's Resolution is to be healthy, more healthy. I am currently back at the gym and since I started I lost about 6 lbs already. I also want to grow root here in Davao and connect with some practitioners from this place.

I hope I can keep up with my resolution...
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