Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad Day... Bad News!!!

It's been a bad day. I am tired and I cannot sleep because of the news that I received. One of my friends from my former work was KILLED... Killed not out of hate or revenge, he was killed out of nothing... Sometimes I really appreciate criminals being found dead on street sides. I cannot really take this out of my system because he was a friend for almost 3 years. To learn that he died out of another man's or men's tripping is too much to accept.

Another bad news??? One of my trainees in PCCI before was just diagnosed with a Stage 1 Leukemia Tuesday. I was really surprised because this trainee is very close to me. She is also a single mom who does not have anyone to support her. Get well soon April...

I am really bugged by these news. making me think that life is too fragile and fleeting that anytime it'll just leave you... I need to find ways to avoid this, at all cost.

In Memoriam:

Wildy T. Tidula
June 9, 1984- March 20, 2010

We will Miss you Tids...

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