Friday, March 19, 2010

FIVE MONTHS and counting

Davao, in almost five months of staying here is beginning to bore me to death. The lifestyle is really simple, not that I do not want a simple life but I have tried my best to look for things that would interest me. I have spend some time in looking for books, one of the hobbies that I haven't let go and I would continue on doing perhaps in the coming lifetimes.

Its just like yesterday that I got off from that airplane from Iloilo City. I could still remember the revulsion that I felt when I inhaled the scent of Durian in the fresh Davao air. How I giggled when I mispronounced the names of places like Sasa and Mintal.

I still think that I have not fully enjoyed my stay in Davao, since the only places I've been to are the malls and the office. I haven't even been in the bars (except for a couple of times with my officemates), haven't watched the movie except New Moon in one of the theatres here in the City.

One of my disappointment is the ever-postponed trip to Samal Island, the island that Davaoenyos is so proud of. It is their own version of Bora. I have plans to go to this island and it is as always postponed. One reason is I hate to go there on my own and probably the other reason is I'm just to lazy to even attempt to go there.

The Davao stay is not 100% boring though. I have met a lot of people and made some friends with most of them. That is one of the things that I would cherish in almost all the places that I stayed and visited so far.

Till then...
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