Friday, March 19, 2010

Gadget Freak...

Who says people with less money cannot collect and buy gadgets.... gadgets are not just for people with a lot of money. If you save and be wise enough to look for things that you need, I think you could get the gadgets-affordable enough with very good specs and would fit your needs.

I collected some gadgets ever since I started working. I bought stuffs not very expensive but are very useful. I remember the first phone I actually bought was a Nokia 5110i at a whooping price of 7k. After that I have bought a lot of mobile phones, gave it to my siblings and them losing it.

The latest things that I have are the following... and I am really proud of myself getting them, out of the blood and sweat of working all night.

One of my students stole the P990i that I purchased last 2008 and since I do not have enough cash to buy a very nice phone last year I settled for something inexpensive and classy looking. I bought a Motorola A3200 which is a china phone. It is a touch screen phone with dual sim and 2 megapixel camera. The sound is really nice too and it is equipped with a 2-gig memory card for music. The worst thing about it is the moment it has a problem, it's difficult to have it repaired. Right now, its broken because the touch screen is not functioning. I only use it to listen to some music and take some pictures. This one has to go...

The next one I got of the stuffs I have with me now is my notebook. Its an Acer Aspire One which I got from a family friend. She swiped it for me and I am still paying it. I like it coz it is small and compact as well as having everything that a laptop can offer. It has USB Ports, large Hard Disk, a 1.3 built in webcam, Intel Atom Processor, built in microphone and it is fast enough to process everything. The thing I don't like about it though is its battery life because it just battery life is just about 4-5 hours and it's dead.

Since the Motorola phone is out of commission, I need a smart phone to use and it should have all the things that I need of a smart phone. It should have a very nice camera, can connect to WiFi, touch screen and the music should be good. I got this Ericsson P1i, which is one of the best Smart Phones ever. Maybe that is the reason why it was phased out of the market because of it's reasonable price and functionality. It has a 3.2 Mega Pixels camera with a flash, touch screen with a fully functional QWERTY key, WiFi capacity, easy data exchange, PDF Reader, Excel and Word, Infrared and Bluetooth and a lot more. This is a great phone and I am not willing to give this one up. I am really satisfied with it's performance.

Next on the list was my SUN-Phone since I gave my N3230 to my sister Mimi for her Birthday. It was an old phone since I bought it in Cebu when I worked with People Support last Sept 2006. Since I don't have a phone to house my Sun Cellular Sim Card, I need to have a phone that is affordable and easy to use. I bought my Nokia 2650, a colored Flip Phone which is handy and efficient. It is easy to use and I used it for texting and calling. I bought it from one of the booths in one of the malls here in Davao and I believe that it's one of those re-conditioned one. Anyways, the only thing I do not like about it is the batteries, which are drained very fast. it only lasts for 2 days.

I got another phone from Globe which was included in their Plan 800. It was from a booth in the office by Globe Telecoms because I think they have a partnership with the company that I work with. Another reason why I got this plan is to have a billing statement here in Davao for future use. It is a Samsung M3510 Music Ed Phone. It has a very nice 2 Megapixel camera, easy access to you're music files and volume control. It comes with a 1gig memory card, however, I purchased a 4 gig memory card to accommodate my music which ranges from World Music like Loreena Mckennit, Enya, Blackmore's Night to musicals like Evita and Glee. I believe that I really got a good deal for this phone and I am really satisfied of it's features and functions. The texting part is not that good though...

I have been longing to have a fully functional camera especially a DSLR since one of my dreams is to be a Magazine Writer and Photographer. DSLR has a lot of features and is used by amateur and professional photographers. You can easily manipulate the pictures, focus and zoom in and out. The price is a whooping 20k and up and i do not have enough cash to buy that now. I went to SM City Davao and i found out that there are some pretty good camera's on sale. I was thinking between Samsung and GE Digicams. The Samsung cam has 10.2 MP, 3x Zoom and well a "Beauty Shot". The reason I got this GE A1050 is because it has a panoramic shot which is very useful especially because I really love to travel. It also has a decent 10.1 MP and a whooping 5x Zoom. It is also easy to share the pictures and it has a 2 gig memory card. The only thing that I do not like about this is it's battery which is a Double A. Luckily it has a battery charger included for free.

I am constantly upgrading the gadgets that I have and probably I will have more of them in the future. For now, I am really contented with what I have... For now!
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