Saturday, March 20, 2010

Glee Forever

My friend Maris asked me to watch this series. This is called Glee, a series that shows the story of high school outcasts who found friends in the Glee Club. I could really relate to the story of the series because I too was a high school outcast. Not belonging to the "IN" group- not with the varsity players, the socialites, and the uber intellectuals.

The story of this series talks about high school students who are always the focus of pranks by the "popular" crowd. They would be humiliated by receiving splashes of frozen soda on the face, thrown into the dumpster, trapped into a portable restroom and others...just because they are either paraplegic, fat and black, gay and fashionable, Asian and stuttering and an over acting Jew scene stealer.

This series tells us that if you have the talent, show it. Do not be discouraged even if people would look down on you. They are just doing that because you have something that they don't have.

I am waiting for the second season of this Series. Glee rocks!!!

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