Friday, March 19, 2010

In the Carnival

Friday, it is my restday today and all I do is just stay at home. I needed to go to the office to get something and after I did all the things that I need to do I went directly to the mall. NCCC Mall is one of the biggest if not the biggest mall in the city. I ate my favorite meal which is noodles and mongo sprouts with shrimp siomai and watermelon-pineapple-apple shake from Thirsty. I looked around the mall and went into HBC and bought some vanity products- a bath soap, Grid Zero Lightening Starter Set for men, OHM Heat Cologne Spray and Body Recipe Calamansi Roll On and Sunflower Facial Cream Stick... with these I get a free facial treatment tomorrow at 1:30...yey!

I went into the grocery and bought some things for my daily consumption- tuna, Coke Zero, Skyflakes Fit, some peanuts and cheese. I was going out of the mall when I was attracted to the lights of the nearby carnival. I see the rides almost everyday on my way to work and I haven't really checked the place. I paid the 20 pesos entrance and with my camera, I took some pictures of the rides which I posted in my Facebook. There were stalls with games like the Color Game, a Shooting Range, a couple of videoke machine and some of our all time favorite rides- Ferris Wheel, Rollercoaster, Bumpcars and some others. I did not have the guts to ride probably because I have a bag full of groceries with me or just because the rides are expensive at 50 pesos per ride.

After staying there for 15 minutes, I went home eating the Nestle Yogurt that I got from the grocery.

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