Friday, March 19, 2010

Japanese Food...

Since I was bored with my life here in Davao, and I thought that it was really time to change it. I decided to watch a movie in SM City. I was thinking of watching Daybreakers, but after reading the reviews saying that it is just another Matrix Movie, I decided to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief. It was good, though not really as good as I expected it to be, I saw a film that I think will be worth watching- Clash of the Titans!

After the movie, I felt really hungry and since I miss eating Japanese food since Mau and Mike left Davao- I entered Rairaiken without even thinking. I ordered a Kantomen something and California Maki. The Kantomen (merienda size which is big) costs Php. 99.00 and 4-pieces of California Maki cost Php 67.00 and when you order this combo you get a free small iced tea.

The food was fine, however it does not have the taste that I was looking for. Since i was eating Tadakuma Ramen since I arrived here in Davao, I could really say that there is a huge difference in the taste of the food. The Ramen was blant, you really need to mix some spices to make it suit my taste, unlike the food from Tadakuma which is just right-taste and all.

They also gave me the California Maki without soysauce, which I think is an ingredient to make the sauce of the Maki. Rairaiken's service stinks too, you need to really stand and look for the waiter to ask for the soysauce. One thing that I also hate about their service is, they remove the plates from your table even though you're still not done.

Here are the food from Rai Rai Ken...


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