Saturday, March 20, 2010

Of Power Failures and Facials

My Saturday was really messy and chaotic. I was planning to go to the gym this morning; however I was having this what I call a “lazy fit” where I am just too lazy to go somewhere. I opted to stay in my room and just write some stuff in my blog. It was about 1PM when I was getting ready for my scheduled facial appointment in HBC NCCC Mall, when suddenly everything turned dark and hot. There was power failure again and since my room is an oven especially during lunch time, I went into the restroom , took a bath and hurried to the mall.

The mall’s air conditioning is a welcoming feeling especially in a very hot day. That is why a lot of people go to the mall today not just because of the hot summer season but because of the rampant power failure as well. I went straight to HBC to have my facial. After 30 minutes or so, the facial was done and I feel clean.

The next place that I visited was Booksale. I was still looking for occult books and some pocketbooks, however as it is scarce and difficult to find. I saw one of the books that I took interest in, one of the old books from the Babylon 5 series that tells the story of the PsiCorps-anyways it’s not really that interesting however, a nice book for 15 pesos is not a bad deal.

I am writing this entry in the foodcourt of NCCC Mall, while watching the Wiccan Documentary called G1 Witchcraft. It is a documentary created by Bathara from the coven Tribu Majika Eclectica. I saw some familiar faces and heard some familiar answers like Wicca is a way of life. I hope that some of the Wiccans stay in that way of life their entire lifetime and the next. The documentary about the Craft though some of the people in the documentary gives a verbatim answer from books and from the internet. I really applaud the answers given by Marangan, one of my friends from the group.

Wicca or the Craft again is a personal religion, though there are pre-existing traditions and schools of magick it is still up to the witch or the Wiccan how he practices his Craft and how he communes to his Gods.

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