Saturday, March 20, 2010

When Lemon Peels turn Yellow then Black

Is there such a thing as coming of age in this time? I believe that young people’s sexual awareness during this very liberated times are very active especially when porn and other adult materials are easily accessible on the internet and almost everywhere. This is why teen sexual “revolution’ happens too fast and the result of this is a steady increase in the number of teenage mothers with no capacity and ability to raise their own kids.

Being sexually active is not really the problem. I think the problem is the understanding of the consequences that comes after the act. Remember that we are beings which urges and those urges when suppressed will not really cause a very good result. That is also the reason why we need to give teens things to do, distract them from the calling of their “libido” so they can redirect this amazing source of energy into something else. This would make the very creative and they would really accomplish a lot of things.

There are also times when a child would do a mistake and the parents would then condemn this teen to the cage of marriage. I do not think that parents should force their daughters to marriage just because she has a baby. They should not confront the problem with another problem. Parents should let their kids decide, because even though they are minors they should be asked what they want to do with their lives. After all it would be the daughters who will stay and live with the guy and her mother-in-law and not the parents.

As early as now we should inform our kids about sexuality and sexual responsibility. This is not the 70’s or the 80’s where the mere mention of sex would send shudders to the spines of parents. Do not under estimate your children because they are more intelligent than you think. They can understand and grasp the information you are telling them. Tell them about all of these as frankly as you can and as simple as you can. Do not tell them about storks that carry babies down the chimneys or of God sending babies on clouds… do not insult your kid’s intelligence.

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