Friday, April 23, 2010

Lustful Month of May

Beltane, one of the major Sabbat in the Wheel of the Year. This is a fertility and fire festival where the lines of power are renewed with the powers of fertility. During ancient times, the priest and priestess will celebrate the Great Rite in magickal power centers to charge the lines of power with fertility.

In the Old Days, fires are lit and the great rite is done. During this celebration, able men and women look for their partners to spend the night with. This night is also full of revelry as dances, drums and songs are evident in all Beltane celebrations.

This is also the time where the maypoles are erected. As a symbol of fertility, the maypole is traditionally carried by men to the venue where the hole is located. The women would then guard the hole and attempt to protect the maypole from entering the hole. After a few moments, when the maypole was successfully entered to the hole, they will secure the maypole in place and the participants will grab a ribbon and dance around the maypole for fertility.

This time, the Virgin Goddess and the Horned One will make love and when they do, fertility will explode in an orgasmic show of life. During this month too, where we can observe the explosion of life and the blossoming of flowers around us.

This is also the time of the faeries since the flowers are blossoming and it is said that the faeries could be seen dancing in the faerie rings under the light of the moon.

In the Philippines, this is the start of Flores de Mayo, where kids venerate the "Virgin Mary" by honoring her with chants and a shower of fragrant flowers. Ladies in the municipalities and cities compete to the title of the Reyna Elena, where only the most beautiful woman can get. It is like the battle between the Spring Queen and the Winter Queen in the olden times.

I would celebrate this by honoring the Goddesses and Gods of Nature by offering them flowers and wine plus nuts and food. I hope I have someone to celebrate this Blessed night though.

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