Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Goddess... your Goddess

In the beliefs of Wiccans, we view the Gods in different ways. There are some of us who view the Gods as a reflection, an aspect of the encompassing All. Some view the Gods as aspects of the God and the Goddess, the dual force that moves everything in the universe. However, since Wicca is very dynamic, our beliefs are as varied as the flowers in a garden.

Personally for me I believe that every Goddess and God are aspects of Nature that they represent. They are as different as every people you see on the streets, each with a different portfolio, a different personality. They can be as flawed as the aspect they represent or as erratic as the forces they manifest. Some of us are manifesting "Eclecticism" in a very liberal way that we call or summon the Gods carelessly in our rituals. One day you call on Athena to help you with your studies and the next day call on Hestia to help you with your cooking. The Gods are not help lines that you can call on anytime, especially different ones every time.

We all say that it is the Gods who choose us, therefore we must create a connection to the Gods we wish to work with. Calling on different Gods every time is very disrespectful to the deity, worst it is offensive. Its like you are in a mansion with different rooms, each room is a realm of a God. When you call them, "summon" them- is like knocking on their doors and asking them a favor. Some of them might open a peep hole, intrigue on who called, thus giving power to the spell. Some will just ignore you as they do not even know who you are.

Our connection to the Gods is a relationship that we build overtime. It would even take years to have the Gods take interest of you unless one specific God/dess took interest of you, then it will be Them who will reach out to you. If it is you who seeks Them out, it takes years of devotion and reverence for Them to even look at you and consider to bring you into their wing. Think of the monks and the priestesses of the old ways, they spent decades of their lives to seek the favor of the Gods they serve. It would even take them very long to hear their reply. The belief in the Gods is not like a catalog that you choose who will work the best for you more likely it is the other way around. We do not summon the Gods and we do not force them, it is Their will if they choose to answer us when we call.

I watched an episode of Supernatural, then the war of the Jewish Gods affected the entire world and the Gods of the old world are drawn into the conflict. They needed to meet and discuss that they need to do in order to stop these two Powers from destroying the world. I really was amazed with how Supernatural presented it (even though it has a very Christian undertone), when the Gods met to discuss what is needed to be done to finish the conflict. We always think that we are doing the right thing, without thinking about the feelings of beings other than us. Maybe we need to be sensitive to everything around us and start respecting these forces that move the world.

Respect and be respected.

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