Saturday, June 25, 2011

Letter to the Hedge

Here's my email to one of the Hedge Witch whose website I read:


I stumbled upon your site in my search for some article in Hedge Witchcraft. I read some of your articles and I am amazed with some similarities of the philosophy and the beliefs we follow. Let me introduce myself. Just call me Bane, 29 from the Philippines. I have been a Wiccan for 16 years. I call myself Wiccan because this organized religion is the closest one to the spirituality I follow.

I totally agree with you when you said that all gods or goddesses are different personalities and beings. I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ALL GODS/GODDESSES ARE JUST ONE. They are unique beings different from each other. That's why I do not really call on different Goddesses in rituals believing that they are the same- I stick to my Matron and Patron- Hekate and Ianus. In mythology, Hera and Artemis are 2 different entities. Aphrodite and Athena even took sides during the Trojan War, thus I do not believe that they are one and the same.

I could call my family as Hedge Witches- they perform folk magic- healing, mediating between the human and the elementals, or the sick and the dead. In the local magickal practice called Babaylanismo- they believe that the underworld and the world of men intersect in some points. The world of the Ibabawnon (Upperworld) and the middle world of men intersect too. My grandmother and some of my aunts heal people using herbs and chants asking the spirit of the ancestors for intervention. Or asking the elementals to forgive the man who offended them by offering gifts on mounds or trees. They also ask household spirits to guard our homes, pray for rain, leave food (with no salt) to the elementals (engkanto), whisper (hutik) prayers to the land before the planting of the rice, etc.

Now enter Wicca. As the "religion" that is near my spiritual belief, I embraced it siince this is the nearest Goddess/God religion to my belief. My family are Catholics by name, but the reason of this is because our country is predominantly Catholic. The old Animistic religion is now forgotten and it is difficult to even reconstruct it.

I really appreciate your articles and I hope we could discuss things soon. I would like to know more about Hedge Witchcraft as a practice and it's similarities to the one that I am doing. Since it is not really tied up to any organized religion, Hedge Witchcraft is one of the most curious practice I want to learn more about.

Thank you.


In Beneficium pro Scientia,

Felyx Wolfsbane Serpentmoon, AP
Arcessitor- OICDVO, OICILO

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