Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ego Sum Paganus

I think I finally understand what I am feeling. I have been thinking about this for a few days now and i now understand that no matter what Path of Magick I will adopt, or what paradigm I will follow, I just need the guidance and protection of my Goddess and God.

I am a Pagan, a Witch, one of those few people who see the fabric of reality on a different yet colorful perspective. I feel the energies around me and lately it is disorienting, I wonder if Gaia Herself is also stirring as reflected by the unpredictable changes in the weather patterns. As we all know, everything has a pattern, and these patterns are usually moving in a predictable manner. However, a few years back, the movement of the Forces are totally different and this world is thrown into Chaos.

Egosum Paganus- I am a Pagan, who calls on Ancient Gods of this world. Who worships in the threshold and on the crossroads, in the forest or on the sea shore. One who observes the movement of the cycles of death and rebirth, one who observes the mixture of magick- black and white. One who desires balance in the world.

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